Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma Cutter Review

Versatile And True-Cut Capacity Plasma Cutter

Brand Name - ESAB 

Designed For - Auto and marine repair/ DIY users/ Light fabrication



User Review


Are you searching the most affordable entry-level plasma cutter that provides the maximum true cutting performance?

Then, Thermal Dynamics Cutmaster 42 Plasma System is the tool that delivers superior cutting performances at two different voltages. When switch to 120V to 230 V, Cutmaster 42 delivers enhanced power from 27 amps to 40 amps to work with. You don’t need to buy up a machine with more power than you need. Cutmaster 42 has been designed to provide the true cutting capacity that means when this tool says that its cutting capacity is ¼ inch material, it will truly cut this thickness all day.

The device offers a maximum cutting capacity of 5/8 inch that is suitable to use in the home shop, auto/body marine repair, plumbing and HVAC, roofing construction, metal building, and rental fleets. Using of Vent2Shield technology makes this machine lightweight and portable. Featuring with an auto pilot restart the tool reignite quickly. Its front panel LEDs show the status conditions that enable the user to obtain maximum efficiency. It also promotes the durability of the machine.

Knowing all of its features and benefits as well as drawback will help you to understand what you are actually going to get from this tool.

Let’s go through!

Cut Confidently

The tool features a front Panel LEDs that indicate status conditions for maximum efficiency. This feature assures extreme operator confidence and error free use from set up to clean up. The machine is designed to cut up to ¼ inch with ease and up to 5/8 inch when needed.

True Cutting Capacity

Cutmaster 42 eliminates the concept of buying a machine having cutting power larger than you actually need. The tool offers you the true cutting performance. It allows you to cut all day at the recommended capacity.

The Power Of Two Machines Built Into One

Cutmaster 42 is one of the highest quality, versatile plasma cutting tool in the market. The machine offers a great value as you’ll basically receive two cutting machines for the price of one. Featuring with the input of 120-230V, the tool has an output of 27A at 120 volts. Switching to 230 volts, you’ll get 40A cutting power. At 120V, the cutter offer cutting capacity ¼ inch, whereas at 230V the tool has a piercing capacity of 5/8 inch.

Vent2Shield (V2S) Technology

Cutmaster 42 integrates Vent2Shield technology that allows the use of a remarkably smaller compressor compared to similar 40A units. This feature makes the tool lightweight and compact without compromising performance. With the dimension of 9" X 7" X 18.5" and 26 pound weight, the unit is truly portable. Moving it from one job site to another or one spot to another in your working area is easy and hassle free.

Cost Saving And Durable

In addition to the functional benefit, thermal dynamics Cutmaster 42 is also a cost saving plasma cutter. The tool is priced for the ¼ inch market, but it delivers the cutting capacity of 5/8 inch, hence it is cost saving to the end-user. The unit is considerably durable and offers industry leading 4-year warranty that is a unique offer for this Thermal Dynamics’ true series line of plasma system. The 4-year warranty gives you a peace of mind that you are sure of using it at least for four years.


If you judge the quality by price tag, you’ll surely get wrong with 1-4200 Cutmaster 42. At a low price, the machine offers amazing functionality and performance.

thermal dynamics cutmaster 42

Product Specifications

Product Dimension

18.5" X 7" X 9" (L x W x H)

Product Weight

26 lbs

Input AC Voltage

120 - 230V

Input (Amps)

15 to 29

Output DC Amps (Max)


Cutting Thickness

1/4 - 5/8 in. (6 - 15 mm) at 120V

3/8 - 3/4 in. (9.5 - 20 mm) at 230V



Duty Cycle

40% @ 40 A

Maximum Pierce

9.5 mm

Recommended gas inlet flow rate/pressure

Air @ 91 l/min (3.2 cfm) @ 75 psi

Output Ratings

27 to 40 A ( 120V - 230V )

Cable Length (Ft.)


What’s Included

  • All new 75 degree SL40 torch
  • 15ft. Leads
  • Safety gloves & glasses
  • Instructional plasma cutting DVD
  • Consumables set
  • Heavy-duty carrying case
  • Power plug adapters


  • Auto body/Marine repair
  • Plumbing and HVAC
  • Rental fleets
  • Home shop
  • Metal building and roofing construction

Cutmaster 42

  • Cuts as good as many more expensive models
  • Consumable are low-cost and easily available
  • Great for a home workshop
  • Dual voltage, auto pressure regulating, easy setup
  • Cuts more than specs say
  • Easy to use, versatile, compact and very portable
  • Cut very clean on the lighter gauge materials
  • Stiff ground cable and does not have a twist lock to remove from machine
  • Doesn’t come with air filters
  • Plasma torch feels cheap

Why We Think The Cutmaster 42 Is All That

Going through the special features of this tool below, you’ll realize that this is a capable system:

  • This is the only plasma cutter in its class available in the market that when switching from 120 volt to 230 volt input provides increased output power.
  • It provides greater cutting capacity than any 1/4" (6mm) plasma cutter.
  • This is the only 40A unit on the market with lead extensions and quick disconnect torch.
  • Comes with two power plugs, one for the standard 120V outlet and another plug for a 230V outlet.


Q. What are the extras that come with the package?

A. Gloves & goggles, 115 & 220v cord and a couple of tips and electrodes

Q. Is it possible to cut circles and oddball shape?

A. The unit cuts circles and oddball shapes a lot easier

Q. What does 1-4200 stand for?

A. It refers model number

User’s Feedback

As a part of our research, we’ve taken a number of user’s feedback. We’ve found that almost all the customers who have used this unit are happy with its super and versatile cutting capacity. Not only that they are also surprised to get the true cutting capacity of this tool. All the customers comment that they feel comfortable to work with this lightweight, portable and transportable unit.

Concluding Decision

The high quality, versatility and portability make Thermal Dynamics 1-4200: Cutmaster 42 Plasma System perfect for DIY, automotive and Marine mechanics and HVAC professionals. Forget the concept of using multiple machine for different cutting capacity. The ability to enhance the power of machine can save time and money regardless of application.

Overall, a great machine at a great price.
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