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Swirl Ring

If you want to run your plasma cutter exactly the way you want, you’ll definitely need some accessories. These accessories assist you to make the cutting job much more efficient.

If you like to know all about the accessories of a plasma cutter, go through our article. It’ll help you to learn more about various plasma cutter accessories, their usage as well as specialties.

The accessories of a plasma cutter help an operator in making the cutting job much easier. To be a successful plasma cutter operator, you should be familiarized with plasma cutter accessories.

Look at the list of various accessories used with a plasma cutter below - 
  • Plasma torch
  • Hoses
  • Nozzle
  • Electrodes
  • Head protectors / Shield
  • Plasma flow measuring kit
  • Swirl ring
  • Retaining Cap
  • Welding Gloves

Let’s go in details.

Best Plasma Torch

The plasma torch is a part of the unit that regulates the plasma. It attaches to the plasma cutter’s end. Although you can replace a new torch if the previous one gets damaged, you should handle it carefully. As it’s an expensive accessory.

Hypertherm plasma torch

hypertherm plasma torch

Thermal dynamics plasma torch

thermal dynamics plasma torch

Plasma cutter Welding Hose

Through the hose, the plasma cutter is connected to the plasma torch. Almost all the plasma cutters come with the hose by default, but you may require buying a separate hose if the default one come up short and you need a longer hose to work with.

Hobart gas twin welding hose

Welding Plasma cutter Nozzle

The tip of the plasma torch holds the nozzle. Nozzles are used for fine-feature, detailed cutting. Nozzle helps to shape and constrict the gas flow. Due to extreme hot plasma flame flows and contact with the metal, the nozzle wears out fairly quickly. So, it needs to be replaced from time to time. The nozzle of the plasma cutters featuring a plasma arc lasts longer as there is no direct contact between the torch and the cutting surface.

Mig welding nozzle

mig welding nozzle

Flux core welding nozzle

flux core welding nozzle

Tig welding nozzle

tig welding nozzle

Welding electrodes chart

In order to create an electric spark, you require electrode. It carries the current from the plasma torch to the plate. It’s the negative end of the circuit whereas the working piece (metal) is the positive end of the circuit. The electrodes are usually made of silver, copper and contain tungsten or hafnium. The plasma torch holds the electrode in a chamber where the gas is heated to produce plasma. Like nozzle, electrode also needs frequent replacement.

stick welding electrodes

stick welding electrodes

arc welding electrodes

arc welding electrodes

aluminum welding electrodes

aluminum welding electrodes

stainless steel welding electrodes

stainless steel welding electrodes

tungsten welding electrodes

tungsten welding electrodes

tig welding electrodes

tig welding electrodes

Head Protectors/ Shield

It keeps safe the other components of consumables. The molten metal and sparks can damage the plasma torch. So, in order to protect the plasma torch, a head protector is useful. It’s a cover that ensures the spark or molten metal won’t reach the inner consumable and the heat won’t ruin the torch. Thus, it saves you to spend a lot on them later. It’s very useful for inexperienced operators.

Plasma Flow Measuring Kit

It’s also a safety accessory. It keeps the consumables safe from burning out. It’s essential to keep the optimum plasma flow through the plasma cutter. Otherwise, there is a risk of burning out the consumable or damage of the torch. The Plasma flow measuring kit helps to know the correct flow level and thus help you to adjust the flow as the required level.

Swirl Ring

The swirl ring controls the plasma flow in a couple different directions when the gas comes from the machine and down the torch. When the gas going out through the nozzle, the ring needs to swirl as the ring allows the gas to be at different temperatures. If you don’t use the swirl ring, the gas mixing will be inadequate and there is a risk of burning the nozzle.

Retaining Cap

To cover and hold the consumables stack up together, retaining cap is an essential plasma cutter accessory.

Tips To Remember

  • Be sure to replace the consumable compatible with the application.
  • Avoid using low-amp consumables for high- amp cutting and vice versa.
  • If you use unshielded consumables, remember to keep the plasma torch at the proper distance from the work piece when working with it.
  • Follow the right cutting speed. Avoid too fast or too slow cutting speed. Cutting to slow will exert useless strain on the consumable that may cause them to burn out quickly.


It’s no secret that a successful plasma cutting depends on consumables as well as other accessories. These accessories play an integral role in achieving a successful cut.

Hope, after reading our article on various accessories of a plasma cutter, you’re now familiar with the accessories you need to work with a plasma cutter.

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