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Lotos MIG 140

Reliable and Durable

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The Lotos MIG 140 is a powerful Flux Core MIG welder that has an excellent reputation for reliable performance and durability. For different types of metal works in various home welding projects and smaller professional jobs, 140 amp MIG welder is a perfect unit. It's one of the most versatile, perfect and decent quality machines for do-it-yourself home users as well as professional users.

Who's It For

For anyone who is weekend enthusiast and beginner, 140 MIG welder is undoubtedly a unit to consider. If you want more efficiency, durability and accuracy from your wire welder, this is a good MIG welder to opt for.

Why We Picked Lotos MIG 140

Do you want to know why we picked lotos 140 MIG welder?

  • First of all, Lotos is a renowned brand when it comes to quality welding and cutting tools to small businesses and Do-It-Yourself (DIY) buyers. Lotos 140 Mig Welder is one of the top rated products brought by Lotos technology.
  • Second, when we’ve tested different welders, we found 140 MIG welder from Lotos technology very reliable regarding product range, performance, durability and price.
  • Third, the unit is very user-friendly, easy to set up and use especially for the novice.
  • Finally, the unit (2017 version) comes with many new, improved and useful features that will make your work easier. In our test, it outperforms many of its more expensive competitors.

The Great Features and Performance of Lotos MIG 140

Before we go any further, let’s check out its top features and performance.

  • 140 Amp Welding Output

Lotos mig140 offers industrial quality and performance. It’s able to deliver 140 amp welding output that is impressive for welding aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel and other types of metal.

  • Thermal Overload Protection System

The unit incorporates a thermal overload protection system that protects the welder. You can rest assured that it won't be harmed from power overload or overheating.

  • 2T/4T Switch And Two Digital Displays

The upgrade version of MIG 140 features 2T/ 4T switch that is convenient for long-term use. With no fatigue at all!

It also helps the user to adjust the welding voltage and wire feeder speed more precisely. It also displays the exact readout that provides more accuracy and helps the user to generate a cleaner bead.

  • Advanced Ground Cable Connector

Lotos Mig140 features a superior ground cable connector. This handy cable makes it easy to switch between positive and negative (+/-).

  • A Precision Full-Adjustment Drive System

This unit features an aluminum wire feeder that makes it much easier to use. It covers a massive range of wire sizes that are convenient for different materials. Also, the digital wire speed display means no chance of wire tangling and crushing.

Primary Specification

How about a quick glance at its the primary specifications?

Product Dimensions

16 x 14.5 x 9.6 inches (L X W x H)

Product Weight

54 pounds

Model Number


Rated Output

140-amp MIG Welder

Input Voltage


Wire Range

0.030"-.035" (0.8-0.9mm) Flux Cored

0 .025"-.030" (0.6-0.8mm) Solid Steel

Welding Capacity

Aluminum       1/8" or Thinner

Mild Steel     18 Gauge – 3/16"

Stainless Steel        18 Gauge – 3/16"

Air Flow Capacity

0.42 cubic_feet_per_minute


Metal, Plastic

Maximum Current


Power Source





Want to know more about the advantages of this unit? Coming right up.

  • Safe And Durable- 140 MIG welder is safe, reliable and durable without any doubts. The unit is integrated with transformer technology that makes it durable and safe.
  • Lightweight and Portable- Need assistance from another worker to carry your welder around? The unit features a lightweight and extremely portable design. Although it weighs 54 pounds, the welder is still portable. It’s 16 x 14.5 x 9.6 inches dimension, and the sizeable built-in handle makes it perfect for anyone who needs to travel from one worksite to another.
  • Easy To Setup- The setup of this unit is straightforward. You need only 10 minutes to set-up the unit.
  • Easy To Use And Control- Its 110/120V input voltage allows the user to get it working by plugging into the regular household socket. Also, the voltage and wire speed controls are amazingly simple.

What’s more?

You can say it “one-stop tool” for your welding projects.

But why?

Well, the package includes every accessory that you need to get started welding right out of the box. The unit comes with-

  • MIG torch
  • Gas hose and argon regulator
  • Ground clamp cable
  • Contact tips
  • Welding mask and wire.

It’s a big save of your money, isn’t it?


Here are little disadvantages of MIG 140.

  • It doesn't feature a generator attachment. Although it may be an issue if you work in remote areas having no electricity supply, it doesn’t matter if you use it at home or workshop.
  • It’s not a top professional grade welder. For the price, it’s undoubtedly an excellent welder for the weekend enthusiast. But if you’re looking for some advanced feature, this tool isn’t for you.

What Makes The Lotos Mig 140 A Great System

LOTOS MIG 140 isn't packed with advanced features but still its one of the best welder of lotos technologies. Like to know why? Well,

  • First, the ease of set up and use is the one thing that makes the unit stand out. If you’re a novice and never welded before, it can be a great starter for you due to its extremely easy to use and easy to set up features.
  • Second, if you’re a home user or in a small professional workshop, MIG 140 will suit most of your needs, especially most lighter welding jobs with ease.
  • Third, it’s a versatile unit having the capability of both flux core welding and MIG welding.
  • Fourth, the unit is made to last. It’s well-built and has an excellent life span. The thermal cut-out system ensures that the unit will work for a long time without any hassle.
  • Finally, professionals also like this unit and use it because of its ease of use and simplicity.

FAQs About Lotos Mig 140

Q. Will MIG 140 work for sheet metal?

A. Yes, it’ll weld sheet metal without any problem.

Q. Does the unit run only for gas?

A. You can use the unit without gas or with gas. In both situations, it’ll definitely do a great job.

Q. For aluminum, what type of shielding gas is recommended?

A. For aluminum, oil-free, dry and clean argon gas is better.


Deciding the best MIG welder for the beginner is hard. People go wrong 90% the time and left disappointed. However, in our Lotos Mig 140 reviews we’ve tried our best to collect all the reliable information of 140 amp mig welder. Hope, it’ll go a long way in helping find the right MIG welder.

If you want excellent welding capacity on a wide array of metals, Lotos Mig 140 can be an excellent long-term investment.

Undoubtedly, it’s one of the best MIG welders for the money, and you won’t be disappointed this time around.

Oh, don’t forget to come back to our page and let us know your feedback on this product.

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