Longevity forcecut 42i plasma cutter review

Longevity Forcecut 42i Review

Dependable, Professional Series Plasma Cutter

Brand Name - Longevity

Designed For - Home/ Garage workshops



User Review


Are you searching for a professional series plasma cutter on which you can truly depend?

Then, Longevity ForceCut 42i 40-Amp Plasma Cutter is the device that you are looking for. ForceCut 42i is a complete plasma cutter that can be a great addition for your home and workshop.

The tool is designed with exclusively distinguishable features like water separation appliances, auto air regulation, interchangeable volt plugs and much more.

The excellent and smooth cutting quality and performance make ForceCut 42i more reliable for individuals.

Its dual voltage adapter helps you to quickly change the voltage, making your cutter extremely mobile and travel-friendly.

Cut up to 1-inch thick metal effortlessly. The pilot arc technology allows you to cut rusted or painted metals without a hassle.

Featuring 40 amp plasma torch, a compressor, low-cost consumables, you’re getting one of the best plasma cutters in the market for the price.

Excellent Cutting Range

The ForceCut 42i provides quality cutting up to 1 inch on 220V and 3/8 inch cutting on 110V.

Digital Meter

The tool features a digital meter that allows the user to adjust the frequency quickly, easily and precisely.

Forcecut 42i Built-In Air Filter And Regulator

The tool comes with a high-quality built-in air filter and regulator that regulates the air quality and pressure coming from the compressor. The built in filter ensures more consistent performance. It also removes airborne large particles that may damage the internal parts of the tool.

Thermal Overload Protection

ForceCut 42i features Thermal Overload Protection. If the duty cycle exceeds and it gets too warm, this feature shuts down the unit and force the cool down period in a safe matter. In this way, the thermal overload protection helps to prevent the unit from overheating. It ultimately increases the durability of the tool.

Pilot Arc Technology

Longevity 42i has an intuitive pilot arc. It automatically senses the loss of voltage. The auto ignites pilot arc ensures an uninterrupted work when working with different cutting thickness as well as rusted or expanded metal.

Forcecut 42i Blowback Arc Start / CNC Ready

Longevity 42i use a plasma arc with non-high frequency start, also known as “ blowback arc start”. It starts the arc by creating an internal spark. This allows easier CNC table integration without the worry of interference.

Efficient IGBT Inverter Technology

Welding industry has reached a new level with the IGBT Inverter Technology. Featuring the efficient IGBT Inverter Technology, the unit remarkably reduces its weight and dimensions while increases efficiency. This technology makes the unit amazingly compact and lightweight. Its travel-friendly design along with a carrying strap makes ForceCut 42i surprisingly portable.

Mobility And Safety

The unit comes with 12 ft. Long cord and grounding cable that enhances the mobility of the tool in the workspace. Furthermore, the extra long cable keeps the machine away from the sparks produced during welding and thus it guarantees the durability of the machine.

Longevity Forcecut 42i Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

19 x 9 x 16 inches

Product Weight

35 lbs

Rated input

Single-phase, 220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Rated input current(A)

23.4 (220V)

33.7 (110V)

Rated input power(KW)

4.63 (220V)

3.44 (110V)

Adjustment range of current(A)

20~40 (220V)

20~30 (110V)

Duty cycle(40℃,10 minutes)

40% (220V)


Max no-load voltage(V)

270 volts

Cutting Performance

up to 1” on 220V

3/8” on 110V

What's Included

  • Plasma Torch - 20 ft.
  • PT-60 Full Continuous
    Pilot Arc Plasma Cutter Torch  - 14ft Lead
  • Tips - 3 pieces
  • Electrodes - 3 pieces
  • Shield cup - 1 piece
  • Earth Clamp
  • 110v/220v Voltage Adapter


  • 1-inch rated plasma cutter
  • Excellent cut quality and performance
  • Able to cut expanded, rusted, painted metals
  • Convenient and easy to use
  • Perfect for those who works with CNC cutters without voltage sensing
  • Low cost of operation
  • Low price consumables
  • Very light weight and portable


  • Expensive

Why Best Of The Best

Have you been confused why Longevity ForceCut 42i is best of the best?


ForceCut 42i offers the following distinguishable features that make the unit one of the best tools in the market-

  • Dual voltage capabilities with Power Factor Correction allowing for operation from 90volts-280volts
  • Excellent cutting quality
  • Highest performance
  • Needs low-cost consumables and hence very economical
  • Self-cooling system
  • Easy CNC integration. The CNC torch setting keeps the torch on while cutting.

User’s Feedback

ForceCut 42i has received a lot of positive comments from customers. The users are happy with its top notch cutting quality and very pleasing performance. They also mentioned that they have no complaints about the quality of the plasma cutter. The stream of pleased users is surprised with its ability to handle most tasks competently and with its overall performance.


Q. Where is its origin?

A. Made of China.

Q. Is the tool able to cut Aluminium?

A. Yes, cut 1/4 inch no problem.

Q. Do I need to buy compressor separately?

A. Not at all. The unit comes with a built-in compressor.

Concluding Decision

No matter the power, cut speeds on a variety of materials and thickness with ForceCut 42i. Undoubtedly, this is the tool that can stand up to pretty much anything out there and will most likely beat it! 

If you've got a list of metals need to cut, then why not try with super plasma cutter Longevity ForceCut 42i?

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Enjoy your cutting job with Longevity ForceCut 42i 40-Amp Plasma Cutter.

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