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Whether you're a home hobbyist or dedicated professional, our reviews will save you time and take the uncertainty out of choosing the right plasma cutter. It's not just plasma cutters we feature; we also have reviews for welders, accessories and more.

best plasma cutter reviews

Into DIY? Have some metal you need to cut? Check out some of the most affordable plasma cutters for 2019, plasma cutters under $500 and industrial grade cutters.


Looking for an all-in-one system that can cut and weld (TIG, MIG, Stick, Cut)? We've shortlisted some of best multi process welders and cutter combos available today.

welding accessory reviews

You can never have too many accessories. We've reviewed the latest welding safety gear, from clothing through to plasma cutter carts and parts.

What is Plasma Cutting? Plasma cutting is the process used to cut through metals by creating a jet of hot plasma. The plasma is created by using electricity to ionize gas (such as compressed air) to produce heat. The end result is plasma so hot that it can cut through metal!

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Single Plasma Cutter Product Reviews

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Looking for a plasma cutter that's budget friendly, efficient and compact? Check out the Lotos LTP5000D here.
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Welding Tips & Tricks

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