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For non-professional and professional users, Hobart handler 140 is a very convenient unit regarding versatility, flexibility and durability. It offers you the option of using either solid wire or flux core wire and gas for better quality welds. This unit is easy to set up, and its user-friendly interface is an added feature for a new user. Furthermore, it comes with all the safety protections. This unit is perfect for home improvement works as well as motor works. If you're in search of a reliable, easy to use and 115amp welder, then look no further.

Our Hobart 140 review will give you a clear idea about the product.

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  • Who's It For

Hobart 140 is designed with the beginner in mind. If you're a beginner or inexperienced welder, hobart 140 mig welder is an excellent option for you. However, a professional and skilled operator who is in search of a flexible and portable unit can depend on this unit.

  • Why We Picked It    

Hobart 140 is a good welder with excellent reputations, manufactured by a well-known brand in MIG welders, the Hobart. This unit is renowned for its versatility and flexibility. In our test, we've found that the unit is aimed at the light to medium welding jobs and perfect for repairs around the yard or home, car repairs. It is a solid welder and does solid welds so that even the beginner will be able to get some good clean output.

But that's not all; The Hobart handler 140 incorporates the following features:

The Great Features And Performance Of Hobart handler 140 review

  • Adaptability To Standard 115V Household Current

You'll get the convenience of run it on a standard household socket and power (115volt household current).

  • Decent Duty Cycle

The 20% duty cycle at 90 amps is undoubtedly quite decent for a MIG welder. It means at 90 amp setting you can weld continuously for 2 minutes with 8 minute interval.

  • Integral Thermostatic Protection

This unit will provide you with necessary thermostatic protection. It means that if it exceeds the duty cycle, the thermostatic protection will trip and the unit will shut off to prevent the risk of the damage.

  • Infinitely Variable Wire Feed Speed

The wire speed rated of Hobart 140 is infinitely variable. Its speed range is 40 to 700-inch per minute.

  • Dual-Groove, Quick-Change Drive Roll

The patented, exclusive dual-groove quick-change drive roll makes it easy to set up and quick for spool gun change. Thus, it is an easy to use welder for nonprofessional and definitely for professionals too.

  • Built-in Contractor

The built-in contactor is an excellent safety feature of this unit which makes the wire electrically "cold" when not welding.

  • 5-Position Voltage Control 

The unit comes with five-position voltage control that means you have the scope to choose different voltage control based on your necessary depth penetration. It helps you to achieve a good fit, smooth and stable arc for various welding thickness.

  • Dual Gauge Regulator 

This unit features a high-quality regulator with dual gauges for Argon/ Carbon Dioxide to show you where you're up to on your gas. It also supports Tri-Mix that makes it more capable in this respect. That means you can weld a wider range of materials.

You should check out the specs before making the final buying decision.

Safety/ Unit Protection Features

Thermal Overload Protection


Voltage Control Settings

5-position tapped

Primary Specification

Product Dimensions

19 x 11 x 13 inches

Item Weight

65 pounds (unit only)

Item model number




Power Source

Corded electric

Power Specifications of hobart 140 welder review

Duty cycle 

 20% at 90 amps

Input Voltage


Output Amperage

25 to 140 amps

Wire Feed Speed Range

40-700 IPM

Drive System 

Industrial cast aluminum wire

Work clamp

 200 amp heavy duty

Flux Core Wire and Shielding Gas


Performance Specifications

Process Type

Flux Core, MIG

Welding Capacity

24 gauge up to 1/4 inch mild steel

Weld Aluminum

Yes- Possibly light occasional use

Weld Thickness

24 ga. – 1/4 inch.


Flexible- The Hobart 140 mig welder has the edge and can weld with solid wire or flux core with shielding gas. Besides, the five stepped welding output control enables it to work fine on a wider output range of welding.  These make it just as flexible.

Extremely Versatile- The unit is extremely versatile which is ideal for any light to medium project work. So, for household repairs, auto body, or even heavier farm projects that require extra welding power, Hobart 140 welder does a great job. Its 25 to 140amp output range enables you to weld mild steel sizes from 24 gauges up ¼-inch.

Well-designed- The exceptionally well- thought design with comparable looking front panels of Hobart 140 mig welder makes it a great unit.  The variable wire feed control, output voltage control and the power switch are situated on the front panel, thus making it one of the easiest to use unit available in the market. It is MIG-ready with no additional kit required. The welder works perfectly right out of the box. It also comes with a manual with easy to understand directions and a welding chart. The chart is easy to follow, and it really works.

Robust and Durable- The unit is built with all new industrial cast aluminum drive system. Its heavy duty ground clamp is improved and made from the thicker material that offers a wider jaw opening and improved contact points. These features add exceptional strength and make the unit very durable that will hold up well for years to come.


  • 65 pound weight means it's somewhat bulky to carry. However, you can use a cart to transport this unit easily.
  • It’s not perfect for large projects.
  • It's not compatible with generators. So, you can't use it in any off-grid areas.

What's Included

  • MIG gun including liner (10 ft.)
  • Gauge regulator
  • Clamp & work cable (10 ft.)
  • Power cord (10 ft.)
  • Extra contact tips ( 0.030)
  • Sample spool (.030 flux-cored wire)
  • Spool adapter (8-inch)
  • Owner manual
  • Set-up guide

Still not convinced? Then let's check out some of the advantages and drawbacks of this unit:

Why Hobart Handheld 140 Is The Best Among The Best

Whether you are a non-professional part-time user or a professional, choosing the right welder can go a long way in making your work easier. Unfortunately, many users lack the experience that is required for selecting the right welding machines for their projects. If there is one brand that deserves a special mention when it comes to choosing an extremely versatile, reliable welder, then it would have to be Hobart Handheld 140.

But why?

Well, let's see.

  • Hobart Handheld 140  is one of the best entry level welders on the market.
  • It is designed to run on 115V household power.
  • The operating parameters allow you to MIG weld thin materials including steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. Furthermore, with its flux-cored function, you can easily weld thicker steel materials and stainless steel up to 1/4 inch.
  • It's easy to set up and extremely versatile and offer industrial grade performance.
  • It'll provide you with the best possible arc and power while welding.
  • It comes ready to weld with or without shielding gas, and you don’t need any additional kits to operate it.
  • The infinite control on the wire feed speed will allow you easily make fine adjustments.

With a robust lineup of new, upgraded and useful features, you will get more performance than ever before!

FAQs About Hobart Handheld 140   

Q. Does Hobart 140 work on 18 gauge steel with flux core?

A. Yes. You will get the great result to weld 18 gauge steel using flux core. You have to adjust the heat to weld and have to work in steps to avoid overheating the metal and burning through.

Q. Does the unit reverse the polarity?

A. Yes, this unit is able to run solid wire or flux core while employing the gas option and it's easy to set up.

Q. Does the unit offer a spool gun option?

A. Unfortunately, there is no spool gun option for this unit.


Overall, it's a decent looking machine that worth every penny. You'll get what you pay for.


When we say “You'll get what you pay for”, we don't imply negatively. Hobart Handheld is well-built, versatile, flexible, portable, quality machine. It'll work well if you use it within its area of capability, no doubt. For the quality of what you're getting for this price, you can't beat it.

Hope you've enjoyed reading our Hobart 140 review and now you understand why this machine deserves a place on your power tool list.

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