Hobart Airforce 250ci Plasma Cutter Review

Most Convenient & Powerful

Brand Name - Hobart

Designed For - Home / Business Use

NOTE: The 250ci has been replaced by the Hobart Airforce12ci. Click the link to see our full review on the 12ci unit.

Are you looking for an affordable plasma cutter, having all the elements of an efficient plasma cutting tool?

Then, you won’t go wrong with the factory reconditioned Hobart airforce 250ci plasma cutter. This is obviously a suitable cutting device for your household works or garage. Any kind of lightweight conductive metals, tins, steel surface- whatever you like to cut precisely, Hobart air force 250ci is the best practical and possible tool for you. Equipped with a number of great features, the plasma cutter is easy to handle, portable to use and smooth in operation. Consisting of a simple circuit, this tool allows the user to operate it very simply. The Constructional exterior design is also impressive.

Go through our detailed review of this product, that will surely help you to realize what the tool can do for you.

The Great Features That Make Hobart Air force 250ci Plasma Cutter Best

Powerful Cutting Mechanism

  • Built-in Air Compressor - The tool comes with a powerful built-in air compressor that provides the pressure it needs for quick and convenient cuts. This simple technology uses compressed air along with an electrical arc to boost its cutting ability up to 1/4- inch thick material. You’ll get smooth steel cut and reliable performance. Moreover, the powerful compressor easily works on any household outlet (115 VAC), as your normal home appliances, so you don’t need to pay extra electricity bill.
  • Inverter Power Supply - One of the features that makes this plasma cutter the most advantageous and convenient is its lightweight inverter power supply. Compared to the current it pulls and the output it produces, the inverter is very useful and effective. The tool exceeds the expectations at cutting sheet metal of different types very fruitfully.
  • High-Performance Torc- The device features HP-25 torch with 16.5 feet (5 m) lead and consumables. The torch is very effective and fast that ensures quality work. It also economizes the consumables. Besides, the large on/ off button right above the hosepipe allows you to easily cut even while wearing welding gloves. The device also features indicators right to that switch which show the amp reading that has been given to the air pressure and torch too.

Safety And Durability

  • Sensor - There is a sensor inside the device that protects it from any thermal accident. In case of thermal imbalance, the tool can turn itself off. There are diagnostic labels through which you can easily monitor the fitness of the system. This is mandatory for a safe and vigorous plasma cutting.
  • Protected Torch Cord - The torch cord is covered by a rubber sleeve that keeps it safe from sparks and dropping metal.
  • Strap - Hobart Airforce 250ci package makes sure that you get a complete set of strap- a piece of rolling and tightening measure. Strap prevents any sort of shocking accidents and casualties. The strap also allows you to tie the air-pressurized hose with your belt to prevent any harm due to accidental case through the plasma torch.


  • Easy To Set-Up And Utilize - The set up and utilization of this tool is very simple and natural. Working with it doesn’t take a great deal of messing around. It doesn’t require to assemble the product, just follow the directions on the container and you’ll be able to keep running right out of the case. You don’t require to set trigger’s, simply connect it and start to cut metal in the blink of the eye.
  • Plug And Play - This is a plug and play device having all the features of a powerful plasma cutter. The tool doesn’t have any knobs on the rear or front side. You just need to put the specimen in the circuit through connecting the clamp and then use the plasma torch to cut the sheet. Moreover, as this is just a plug and play device, plastic cutting works are just fine with this tool. As the output isn’t too much concentrated nor hot, you will get the plastic cutting work smoothly without any rough edges.
  • Long Power Cord - Many people who feel hard to use the plasma cutter with short length power cord, they add up more money in their expenditure buying another multi-plug box. But, the tool comes with a long power cord that allows you to do a distant operation in your specific working area conveniently.

Compact & Portable Design

The on-board air compressor and lightweight inverter reduce the dimension of the device remarkably and makes it very suitable and a portable one. Its lightweight and compact design makes the device easily transportable so that you can bring it wherever you go and use it anywhere. In addition, the tool is equipped with a cord management strap on the back of the unit that holds the cord in place while moving with it.

Product Specifications

Product Dimensions

12.2 x 8 x 11 inches (L x W x H)

Product Weight

27 pounds (12.3 kg)


CNC Plasma Cutting Machines

Cut Performance

Max Cut Thickness: 1/8”

Max Severance Thickness: 1/4"


115 VAC



What's Included

  • Working clamp (1) - 16.5 feet long
  • Cable (1) - 16.5 feet long
  • Consumed torch (1)


  • No additional compressor to purchase
  • Very smooth and fast cutting performance.
  • Lower electricity consumption
  • Long cord lengths for maneuvering around the work space.
  • Pressure is preset... Ready to cut, right out of the box.
  • Good for daily use


  • Limited cutting power

Why Best Of The Best Hobart 250ci

Hobart 250ci is one of the best machines on the market today due to its great multitasking abilities with the following features-

  • Very strong and compact
  • Cut faster and more precisely
  • Runs on standard household current
  • Comparatively long power cord
  • The torch is designed for increased comfort and longer lasting cutting tips


Q. Is the device plug and play?

A. Definitely

Q. Does the tool comes with a built- in air compressor?

A. Yes

Q. What is its input power?

A. It’s found in Hobart’s website, the input power is 115 VAC, 20 amp

Q. How long is the power cord?

A. It’s 7-ft long

Owner’s Feedback

Owners call the Hobart 250ci an easy handling plasma cutter. The feature that most of the users appreciate is that it needs no adjustment that had to be made before cutting. User’s who don’t have air compressor definitely have found this unit an easy solution for their workspace. Most of the happy users also like its easy to switch power button. In general, Hobart 250 ci plasma cutter is best rated by the home hobbyist. Overall, the user’s are happy and satisfied using this plasma cutter. Users like the quality build and high performance given the budget price point, which together make it a top pick. The satisfied users wish to recommend this unit to anybody needing a plasma cutter.

Concluding Decision

Hobart 500534R 250ci Reconditioned A-Stock AirForce is the cutting tool that works exactly as expected. Among hundreds of different types of plasma cutter Hobart 250ci is a go for plasma cutter which is portable to use, easy to set up and easy to handle.

It is very reliable in terms of sustainability, very economical and its performance gives back the value of your money.

You won’t go wrong with this factory reconditioned unit.

For the price, there is no plasma cutter better than this.

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