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Everlast 210 Ext has subjected to a significant redesign in the latest edition. Now you’ll get all the features that you expect from a full-featured digital inverter TIG welder. This new edition features a triangular waveform that makes this unit better than ever at dealing with thin aluminum. The improved AC advanced pulse, AC frequency, cleaner starts and improved low-end amp operation are the features that worth noting of this edition over the previous series. So, if you’re searching for a 210amp class welder with more power and capability, 2018 Everlast PowerTIG 210EXT may be the best solution for you.

  • Who's It For

Whether you are an enthusiast or welding professional, who need the best arc stability and performance from their welder, Everlast powertig 210 ext is perfect for them.

  • Why We Picked Everlast 210ext

Everlast powertig is renown for arc stability. In our test we’ve found the benefits of having microprocessor control are many.  Whether it’s enhanced weld quality or increased productivity or the ability to make the precise settings, powertig 210 ext welder is the unit that provides all the benefit of using a TIG/ Stick welder.

The Great Features And Performance Of Everlast 210 ext

Want to find out more about this unit? Of course, you do.

  • IGBT Inverter Technology

This TIG/Stick welder features IGBT inverter technology that provides the best in performance while reducing weight and size

  • WP-9 And WP-26 Air-Cooled Torches

The unit comes with WP-9 and WP-26 air-cooled torches. The  Wp-9 torch is perfect for TIG welding. You can use it for welding at off-site, typically under 125amps. Also, you can get the full output with WP-26.

  • Digital Microprocessor Control

If you doubt about the performance of digital microprocessor control, ask someone who has already used it. The microprocessor control of powertig 210 ext welders provides precise digital control over AC/DC welding functions.

  • HF & lift starting

New, improved HF starting improves starting and reduces maintenance issues. On the other hand, the Lift start is perfect for operation in welding environments where HF use is unwanted or restricted.

  • DINSE 50 Style Power Connectors

Its Standard DINSE 50 style power connectors provide industry cross-compatibility of fittings and torches.

  • Adjustable Stick parameters

The adjustable Stick parameters of this unit allow use with 309L, E 6011, E 7018, E7014 and many other electrodes up to 1/8”.

  • 9 Channel Memory

If you need to save any setting, the 9 Programmable channels memory will allow you to save your necessary settings in TIG/ Stick modes.

  • 3 Types Of AC Waveform Control

To maximize aluminum welding performance, you’ve the option to choose from Adv. Square, Triangular, Soft Square.

  • Standard Pulse For AC/DC Modes

The unit features fully adjustable AC/DC pulse that controls the heat for reduced warping over-melting of base metals. The advanced pulse for AC up to 10Hz controls heat on thin metal and enhances penetration on thicker metals.

Safety/ Unit Protection Features

Over Temperature Warning


Over Current Warning



Breaker Type

Voltage Reduction Device (VRD)

Yes (<24V)

Primary Specification

Product Dimensions

24 x 9 x 17 inches ( L x W  x H)

Item Weight

60 pounds (unit only)

Item model number




Power Source


Power Specifications



Max Inrush Current

120V/240V: 35/31A


120/240V 1 Phase, 50/60Hz

Duty cycle

TIG: 120/240V: 60% @125/210A

STICK: 120V/240V: 35% @ 100/160A

Tig Output

120V: DC: 3-125A; AC: 5-125A

240V: DC: 3-125A; AC: 5-135A

Protection class


Stick output

120V: 5-100A

240V: 5-160a



Wave Forms

Adv. Square, Triangular, Soft Square

Performance Specifications

AC Frequency


DC Pulse Frequency

0 .1-500Hz

AC Pulse Frequency


AC Advanced Pulse Frequency

0 .1-10Hz

Pulse Time On Balance


Pulse Amps Ratio


Minimum DC Operating Amps

3 Amps

Minimum AC Operating Amps

5 Amps

Preflow Time

0-25 Seconds

Postflow Time

0-50 Seconds

UpSlope Time

0-25 Seconds

DownSlope Time

0-25 Seconds

Start Amps


End amps

3A-210A (5-210A AC)

Stick Arc Force Control


Stick Hot Start Time

0-2.5 Seconds

Stick Hot Start Intensity


2T/4T Control

Yes w switch

HF & lift Start



9 programs


But for now, I’m sure you want to know more about the advantages of this unit. Right?

Let’s see.
  • Excellent Performance - This welder features reliable IGBT components that offer outstanding performance in a compact TIG. Greatly simplified and componentized digital design improves reliability and serviceability.
  • Versatile- This welder features both AC and DC welding so it can TIG weld both steel and aluminum.  It also has an adjustable frequency so you can adjust the arc. This welder also runs on dual voltage so you can take it anywhere there is an outlet.
  • Simple To Use- This is a straightforward AC/ DC tig welder. Easy to navigate panel reduces setup time without having to access hidden menus. Setup can be accomplished easily. You don’t need to rewire your house to use it if you have access to a dryer plug. Arc starts extremely easy and provides a consistent arc throughout the weld.
  • Well-built, Lightweight & Powerful- The unit is made for last long. The gas regulator is well-built. The ground clamp is so heavy duty that you can’t expect the durability at this price point. The foot pedal is the improved one as supplied with the 255EXT. It is rugged and so far has held up under shop conditions.
  • Safe To Use- This small unit has various safety controls. It features over temperature warning and over current warning that means there are no possibilities of damage due to overheating or over current flow. If the duty cycle exceeds during operation, the over current indicator will warns. The voltage reduction feature, breaker type switch and Self-diagnostic feature help protect against the unit and automatically diagnosis specific faults.


  • Somewhat expensive

What’s Included

  • TIG Unit x 1
  • TIG torches x 2
  • Cups (for both style torches)
  • Foot pedal x1
  • Ground Clamp
  • Gas regulator
  • Stick electrode holder
  • Pigtail (for 120V)

FAQs About Everlast Powertig 210 ext

Q. Are the torches that included in the package water cooled or air cooled?

A. Both the torches are air cooled.

Q. Does the unit come with the foot pedal? Does the foot pedal variable or just on-off?

A. Yes, the package included a foot pedal. To weld, the foot pedal is variable.

Q. Does the unit run on 220V?

A. Yes. It’ll run on 30amp 220volt 1ph. But you need to use number 10wire or larger.

Why Everlast Powertig 210ext Is The Best Of The Best

The answer is simple.

Powertig 210 Ext is the combination of all the excellent and useful features that will make your welding job more comfortable and hassle-free. The IGBT inverter technology makes the unit lightweight and compact while the digital microprocessor control makes it one of the feature-rich welder. Best arc stability, best performance, increased productivity or increased weld quality – whatever you need, this unit provides the exact standards required.

What more could you want in your welder?

Just ask someone who has used this unit, and you’ll get your answer why PowerTIG 210 EXT is one of the best welder available on the market today.


Here is the final thought..

Performance, productivity, precise setting and excellent weld quality- whatever you expect from your welder, powertig 210 ext can meet your expectation, no doubt. It’s an ideal tool for any professional welding job. However, if you’re the weekend enthusiast and want to spend more on a high-quality welder, this unit is undoubtedly the best option for you.

Hope after reading our everlast 210 ext review you now understand the benefit of owning this improved, feature-rich welder.

So, have you found what you’re looking for in a TIG/ Stick Welder?
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