7 Best Welding Glove Reviews 2019 – Tig, Mig, Stick [Buying Guide]

If you’re in search of the best welding gloves, you’re at the right place.

You know, how important it is to have good welding gloves to provide your hands' protection and comfort while you work.

But there are many options available on the market. So, how will you find out the best one for your welding application?


To make your job easy, here we’ve listed 7 best-selling welding gloves, which are also best-regarding design, materials, heat resistance, protection, flexibility, and durability. In our tests, we’ve also found that while working with molten metal or high temperature flames, these gloves are comfortable and keep hand extremely well-protected.

Without beating around the bush, let’s go straight to our welding gloves review and find out the points that make these gloves best of the best.

Here, we’ve developed a quick chart for you. Definitely, it’ll help you to choose the right gloves that you need.

Reviews of the Best Welding Gloves on the Market 2018

In our review, we will be looking at the features of each type, and what makes them the best in the market. We will also mention here the pros and cons associated with the use of that particular product that will help you to make a more informed decision.

Welcome, and let’s explore these top models in the world of welding gloves.

Caiman 1878-5 - Best Stick Welding Gloves

Best Welding Gloves

The first product on our list is Caiman 1878-5 Deerskin Welding Glove, one of the best heat resistant welding gloves, designed explicitly for plasma, stick and overhead welding.

So, what makes the Caiman 1878-5 Genuine so darn popular? Hopefully, the top features will tell us more.

Core Features

  • Made from exclusive Genuine American Deerskin and boarhide.
  • Designed with unique finger padding to comfortably accommodate an L or XL hand size
  • Measure an impressive 21" in length with heavy duty padding on the elbow and forearm for comfort
  • Reinforced heat shield cuff, palm, lean-on patch
  • Large leather heat shield patch for protection of the vital wrist area, and leather palm reinforcements for durability
  • Sewn with Kevlar thread for extended glove life
  • Three-dimensional design, pre-curved fingers and cushioned interior to maximize comfort, dexterity, and fit

Let’s be honest to mention here the benefits and drawbacks of Caiman 1878-5.


  • Super comfortable
  • Superior protection for the palms and wrists against sparks, heat, and spatter
  • Protect all the way up the forearm
  • Specially designed to stop the gloves from slipping down
  • Pressure and puncture resistant
  • Extremely fireproof
  • Perfect for using other applications like at a barbeque or a campfire


  • Due to heavy insulation and thickness, these aren’t perfect for the work that involves fine detail and small movements.
  • Due to the fleece lining, the user may feel the gloves very hot and sweaty during the welding process that involves high temperatures.
  • Although single Kevlar stitching offers some durability, they can still tear down due to long time use.
  • Somewhat expensive. But if you compare its quality and price to some other gloves of its class, you’ll feel that they’re worth every penny.

US Forge 403 - Best Leather Welder Gloves

US Forge 403 Welding Gloves

The second product on our list is US Forge 403 Welding Gloves, one of the most robust leather gloves for welding.

So, are you looking for the reasons to buy the Forge 403? Have a peek at its top features.

Core Features

  • Made from top quality, softest yet heat resistance grain leather
  • The soft and supple leather for maximum comfort and pliability
  • 1-inch in length help keeps sparks and slag off the forearms
  • Deluxe lining areas for more pliability for long-term dexterity
  • Fortified frictional areas and an internal liner great for the perilous heat you’ll encounter during welding.
  • Deluxe lining and covered frictional areas, great for the hazardous heat that users may encounter during welding.
  • Reinforced knuckle and palm areas with double padding that prevent damage to the gloves and enhance durability.

Here are the benefits of Forge 403. However, we didn’t forget to discuss here the drawbacks.


  • Soft and very comfortable
  • Provides maximum safety
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Premium heat protection
  • Perfect for overhead welding and other over-heated environments.
  • Affordable price


  • Although these are heat resistant, not perfect to be used near extreme heat or fire for the long time as there is a possibility to heat up rather quickly.
  • Not suitable for short-shaped hand

Miller 263343 Arc Armor - Best Mig Welding Gloves

Miller Welding Gloves

The next up on our list is miller welding gloves 263343, one of the top-rated cool welding gloves for stick and MIG welding. 

So, let’s see what this product offers to you.

Core Features

  • Made from premium grade pigskin and cowhide leather
  • Designed mainly for heavy-duty MIG and Stick applications, but these are perfect for more heat-intensive Oxy-welding chores and arc-welding as well.
  • Thick outer and lining construction for safer and cooler work
  • Reinforced double-layered insulated patches on the palm and back for added protection, comfort and extended use
  • Increased interior for excellent feel and dexterity
  • Flame resistant Kevlar thread for maximum strength to protect welder’s hands from hot steam and sparks
  • Pre-curved fingers and wing thumb design for an ergonomic fit as well as dexterity

Like to know the pros and cons of this product? Let’s go.


  • Flame and heat resistant
  • Extremely well-constructed
  • Very comfortable and flexible
  • Super protective
  • Surprisingly sensitive to use
  • Cool to wear
  • Available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL)
  • Very reasonable price


  • Not suitable for TIG welding
  • Due to extra padding on the palm, users may feel difficulties to grip the torches for an extended period

Lincoln MIG/Stick Electric - Best Lincoln Welding Gloves

Lincoln Welding Gloves

Next up, we’re going to review traditional Lincoln MIG/Stick welding glove.

So, let’s see what this budget-friendly product offers.

Core Features

  • Made from pure cowhide that provides optimum heat and fire resistance
  • Kevlar stitching for extra support and durability without sacrificing flexibility
  • Additional pads to prevent pain and strain
  • Sweat absorbent soft cotton lining for improved fingertip sensitivity for more precise control.
  • 5 Inch. cuff to extend the protection and coverage that require during welding
  • General purpose gloves for all types of welding
  • Thumb padding area for extended work life of the glove

To be fairly honest, let’s check its benefits and drawbacks.


  • Stylish look with red flame pattern
  • Great for handling hot metal
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Heat and flame resistant
  • One-size-fits-all accommodate most hand sizes
  • Durable
  • Very affordable price


  • All the same length finger lacks dexterity
  • The “one size” may be too large for small hand shape users.
  • Unstitched interior lining that may come out when the hand is pulled out.
  • Due to double padding, some users may feel a little uncomfort and lack of control over the torch.
  • Some user may complain its loose fitting, but it’s a standard feature for MIG welding gloves that make it easy to remove when overheating.

US Forge 400 - Best Heat Resistant Welding Gloves

US Forge 400 Welding Gloves

Now, we are going to review another product from US Forge, and this time it’s the US Forge 400. You may be asking yourself why another product of US Forge has taken the position in our list.

So, Let’s see.

Core Features

  • Designed to provide excellent protection from ultraviolet rays and molten metal
  • Made from premium leather for extreme comfort
  • Supple and soft top-grain leather for long-term dexterity and comfort
  • Internal cotton lining for more comfort and durability.
  • Kevlar lock-stitched for added strength and durability
  • Reinforced frictional areas in palms and finger for more comfort and a stronger grip

Want to find out more about US Forge 400? Here’s a quick look at its benefits and drawbacks.


  • The best and most affordable gloves available today
  • Perfect for the hobbyist or DIY specialist
  • Heat-resistant
  • Excellent protection against molten material
  • Great for plasma, welding, cutting torch
  • Robust construction
  • Wear-and-tear resistant & ultra-durable
  • Lightweight


  • Not suitable for the stick or overhead welding
  • Some users may not like the electric blue color
  • Some users complain color fade away
  • Finger length may be short for long-handed user

Steiner 21923-L - Best Heavy Welding Gloves

Steiner Welding Gloves

Here, we’d like to review Steiner 21923-L 23-inch welding gloves, one of the most heavy-duty and stand out gloves out there regarding length.

Core Features

  • Made from select shoulder split cowhide leather for heat protection and lasting durability
  • Completely foam insulated back for added protection
  • Full cotton lining for added comfort and dexterity
  • A reinforced extra padded thumb strap for versatile protection in high wear areas
  • Kevlar thread and fully welted seams for flame resistance
  • Durable lock stitching for added strength
  • Wing thumb for versatile movement and natural feel
  • Added leather stripping to prevent burned stitching
  • Less exposed stitching around the thumb for better dexterity
  • Best for home DIY projects

Let's check the benefits and drawbacks of Steiner 21923-L.


  • Heavy duty gloves for welding or metal working
  • Consistent quality, construction, and reliability
  • Resist against extreme temperatures
  • Full arm protection
  • Abrasion resistant
  • Soft and flexible fit
  • Lightweight
  • Very comfortable for long time use


  • Poor quality stitching
  • Too much thickness may decrease the control of the hand

Hobart 770440 Premium - Best Hobart Welding Gloves

Hobart Welding Gloves

The last product on our list is Hobart 770440 Premium Welding Gloves.

So, let’s see what makes this glove stand out.

Core Features

  • Made with premium natural grain leather with cowhide split
  • Feature a form-fitted design that provides comfort and dexterity.
  • Stitched with pure Kevlar Threading for added durability
  • Branded pigskin cuff and backhand
  • Reinforced portions at the back, knuckle patches, and palm for proper insulation and protection from burns

Let’s check the pros and cons of Hobart 770440.


  • High quality in fit and function
  • Extremely comfortable
  • Feels good on the hands
  • Fire retardant
  • Suitable for overhead and stick welding
  • Perfect thickness for protection and finger movement.


  • Some consumers have complained regarding durability after using 8-10 hours per day.
  • Not suitable for large shaped hand

Different Types Of Gloves For Different Welding Process

Welders need to find the glove that fits their work style, i.e. welding process. Hope the below discussion will help them to choose the best type.

For Stick Welding

Stick welding process produces the most heat. So, stick welding gloves need to be the most heat protective. This process also creates a lot of sparks and spatter. So, top-grain elk-skin, cowhide or pigskin gloves are best for this process. However, go for the types that will ensure the maximum protection to the fingers that are the most exposed to the heat.Caiman 1878-5 is one of the best stick welding gloves that will give you the highest level of protection in your work.

Some common features of Stick welding gloves are:

  • These gloves are thick
  • Usually not very flexible

For TIG Welding

You know, the TIG welding process is perfect for thin metals and precise welding process, and it produces the least heat. The best tig gloves provide enough flexibility. In general, goatskin welding gloves are best for TIG welding that gives dexterity when handling the process. One of the essential features of a TIG glove is stitched with Kevlar thread. It ensures additional heat resistance. Furthermore, wool or cotton-foam lined gloves provide more protection than only cotton-lined one.

Some common features of TIG welding gloves are:
  • Thinner, softer and more maneuverable
  • Fit more snugly in hand and allow easy finger mobility
  • Offers precise control of the filler and torch

For MIG Welding

MIG welding produces less heat than stick welding process. But it creates a moderate amount of spatter and sparks. When buying gloves for MIG welding gives priority to heat protection and then consider the thick layer with a thin lining. Top-grain goatskin, cowhide or deerskin gloves are ideal for this welding process. Goatskin gloves with fleece lining are the best type for MIG welding. However, top-grain deerskin gloves are incredibly comfortable and offer dexterity.

Some common features of MIG welding gloves are:
  • These gloves are thick.
  • Have better heat, spatter and sparks resistance
  • Comes with a thick pad at the back of the hand
  • Have a loose fit

Welding Gloves Buying Guide- 7 Basic Questions That Will Help You Much

Now, we’ll share with you some essential information that will help you a lot to buy any top-rated welding glove.

Here are seven basic questions you should ask yourself when deciding to buy welding gloves.

What Type Of Leather Gloves Do I Need?

Well, it depends on the type of your welding process for which you’ll use the gloves.

Like the different type of welding processes, leather type gloves also differ that are suitable for those processes.

You’ve already known that the best type of welding glove is made of leather. In fact, leather is the most common raw material for welding gloves.

But still, you’re not sure what type of leather gloves is best suited for a particular application. Right?

For them who don’t know, we would like to state here that leather comes from cow, pig, goat, deer, or elk and categorized as split- or top-grain leather.

  • If you’re looking for the best heat resistant welding gloves, go for an elk skin product. But remember, these are expensive and rare.
  • If you’re looking for the best MIG welding gloves, go for cowhide or pigskin product.
  • If you’re looking for high quality welding gloves for tig, go for goatskin or other thin material product.

Each type of glove will protect your hand during the welding process. But, to get the high-level comfort, protection and dexterity, you should match the glove type with your welding process.

Is It Essential For Gloves Be Heat-Resistance?

Undoubtedly, the heat-resistant glove is essential safety gears for your welding process regardless of welding types. It's also necessary for gloves for fire and flame resistance. Cowhide gloves are best known for the heat-resistance property.

Do My Gloves Need To Provide Dexterity?

Of course, for the comfort of your work, your gloves need to provide dexterity. In fact, the dexterity of a welding glove is equivalent to the comfort that it will provide to the welder. Welding gloves made from supple leather are well-known for giving maximum dexterity.

How Do I Choose The Right Size Glove For My Hand?

When choosing a welding glove, know your hand size.

  • To find the length measure from the top of the longest finger to the wrist and across the base of the knuckles on the palm side of the hand.
  • To find the width, measure across the base of the knuckles on the palm side of the hand.

If you’re a metal welder, it’s wise to choose the gloves that will cover your hands as well as the entire forearm. When selecting a size also consider the comfort as the fit or size is also equivalent to the comfort that the welder achieves while wearing them. Although most of the manufacturers offer one-size-fits-all, some brands offer their product in different sizes, small, medium, large or extra-large.

What Should Be The Length Of The Wrist Of The Gloves?

When buying welding gloves, you should consider the length of the wrist of the product. In fact, all welding glove won’t provide you with the full coverage of your wrist and arms. But complete coverage is essential for welding process, especially for metal welding as your wrist and arms are exposed to splatters. So, check the length of the arm of the gloves for extra protection.

Which Thumb Style Is Best For Me?

It depends on personal preference. However, Keystone or wing thumb style is best suited for most of the people. These types of gloves are ergonomically-shaped. We’ve found that most people find them comfortable in comparison to straight thumb styles.

How Much Should I Spend On A Glove?

It all depends on your need and budget. Welding gloves are available for as low as below 10 dollars, whereas; you’ve to spend almost 100 dollars to get the premium quality ones.

FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) About Welding Gloves

  • What Is The speciality Of Top-Grain & Split-Leather Gloves?

Top-grain leather is the most robust and the smoothest leather available. Gloves made from this type of leather are the most capable of withstanding wear and tear and tends to be more durable. Gloves made from top-grain deerskin provides high-level of comfort. These types of gloves also can mold to the shape of your hand.

Split leather comes from the shoulder or either the side of the animal. There are also different grades within the shoulder such as standard, select and economy. However, split leather gloves feature rougher surface compared to top-grain leather. But they give excellent heat protection at a very reasonable price.

  • Are There Any Difference Among The Cowhide, Goatskin And Deerskin Gloves?

In general, deerskin gloves are best for flexibility; cowhide gloves are best for durability. However, a goatskin glove will work well as a general purpose welding glove.

  • What Type Of Gloves Are Best For More Dexterity?

Gloves featuring a cotton lining instead of foam or wool lining are better for more dexterity. Although these won’t give you very high heat-resistance, these will provide you more mobility in the movement of fingers while absorbing perspiration.

  • What Are The Specialty Of Kevlar Thread?

Gloves that are sewn with Kevlar stitch are heat-resistant and robust. In case you get molten spatter or a small hot piece of metal in the seam; usually, it sticks there. There is also a possibility to burn out the cotton thread immediately. However, stitching with Kevlar thread improve the seam strength and durability of your welding gloves over time.

  • Does “one-size-fits-all” Size Fit All Hand Size?

The actual fitness depends on the own physique of the user.  The definition of “small”, "large” or “extra-large” varies from person to person. Therefore, it’s wise to read the product details carefully and find out what size is best to fit your hand.


Thanks for your patience to read our article.

Anyway, this collection of best welding gloves represents superior gloves available in the market. In our tests, we’ve found that these products best meet the spark, spatter, heat and arc flash protection that a welder needs during the welding process. Also, these are best sellers based on ratings, popularity and high recommendations due to their outstanding functionality and performance and protection from welding hazards and environments.

So, dear welders, never let your health go up in welding hazards!

Pick any of the welding gloves from our list and weld without worry of injury occasioned by flying hot metal spatters or welding sparks.

If you’ve any specific question regarding welding gloves that aren’t covered here, please don’t hesitate in contacting us about welding safety.

7 Best Welding Glove Reviews 2019 – Tig, Mig, Stick [Buying Guide]
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