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I’m Ronald, Specialist engaged in the manufacture of fabricated metal product. I’ve been involved in the fabrication industry since 1998. To continue my love in welding and to share my experience I've formed a research team and have created this website for our valuable customers.

Plasma Cutter Accessories – The Ins And Outs

Already have a plasma cutter?Looking for the accessories that are compatible with your plasma cutter?Then, you’re at the right place.If you want to run your plasma cutter exactly the way you want, you’ll definitely need some accessories. These accessories assist you to make the cutting job much more efficient.If you like to know all about […]

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Hobart Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter Review

Check Today’s Price on Amazon Versatile and Powerful PerformanceBrand Name – HobartDesigned For – Light and heavy industrial uses Performance Feature User Review PriceIf you want both the versatility and powerful performance from a plasma cutter, Hobart 500566 Airforce 40i Plasma Cutter is the unit that can meet your cutting needs.Airforce 40i easily slices through […]

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Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews In-depth & Comparative Discussion 2019

Hi! DIY enthusiast & home users.Welcome to our in-depth Lotos plasma cutter reviews and comparative discussion. Are you looking for quality cutting tools of leading manufacturers for your small business or DIY works? Then, among a hundred brands, you can depend on Lotos Technology. No matter, whether you’re deciding to buy a new plasma cutter or replacing the […]

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Hobart Plasma Cutter Reviews [2019 Updated]

Searching for an industrial quality plasma cutter? Then, why not trying Hobart Plasma Cutter?Since 1917, for over 9 decades, Hobart has been working to help make welding and cutting task easy and fun. They are dedicated in designing, testing and manufacturing bursting welding and cutting products. Hobart brand Plasma cutters are industrial quality and easy to […]

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What The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Working With A Plasma Cutter are

With how many ways are you familiar with to reshape metals? Obviously, you’re well known with a number of ways like Oxy-fuel, Abrasive water jet, Laser, Plasma, and so on. If you’re cutting steel, iron, copper, brass, aluminum or any other durable materials, you should consider plasma cutter over other cutters. But what are the notable advantages of […]

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