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I’m Ronald, Specialist engaged in the manufacture of fabricated metal product. I’ve been involved in the fabrication industry since 1998. To continue my love in welding and to share my experience I've formed a research team and have created this website for our valuable customers.

5 Best Flux Core Welder Reviews 2019 [Comparison Table]

What Is Flux-Cored Arc Welding?Flux-cored arc welding or flux-cored welding is almost similar to stick welding process. It’s a semi-automatic process. The flus-cored welding process uses a flux covered electrode and a constant power supply. The significant difference between stick welding and flux-cored welding process is stick welding requires shielding gas, whereas flux-cored process doesn’t […]

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Hobart Handler 140 Review

Check Today’s Price on Amazon Extremely VersatileBrand Name – Hobart Performance Feature User Review PriceWhy Should You Buy ItFor non-professional and professional users, Hobart handler 140 is a very convenient unit regarding versatility, flexibility and durability. It offers you the option of using either solid wire or flux core wire and gas for better quality […]

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Tips For Cutting Aluminum With A Plasma Cutter- Understanding Aluminum Cutting Compared To Steel Cutting

Hi! Guys with all the plasma cutters!!! Cutting aluminum has some unique challenges compared to cutting steel or other common materials, particularly regarding the crack sensitivity and chemistry. The techniques and best practices for cutting aluminum are very different than those for cutting steel. In some cases, cutting aluminum needs to follow a particular procedure. Important factors […]

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Plasma Cutter Troubleshooting

Hi! Welders. It’s unusual that you’re using a tool and never face any problem. When you work with a plasma cutter, it’s common that you’ll face some problems and you require the instant solution. To help you plasma cutter troubleshooting, I’m creating this blog post.sourceHope, it’ll help you a lot. Here are some very common plasma cutter related problems […]

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Everlast 210 ext Welder Reviews 2019

Check Today’s Price on Amazon Proven PerformanceBrand Name – Everlast Performance Feature Design PriceWhy Should You Buy ItEverlast 210 Ext has subjected to a significant redesign in the latest edition. Now you’ll get all the features that you expect from a full-featured digital inverter TIG welder. This new edition features a triangular waveform that makes […]

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Lotos MIG 140 Welder Reviews 2019

Check Today’s Price on Amazon Reliable and Durable​Brand Name – Lotos Technology Performance Feature Design PriceWhy Should You Buy ItLotos MIG 140 is a powerful Flux Core MIG welder that has an excellent reputation for reliable performance and durability. For different types of metal works in various home welding projects and smaller professional jobs, 140 […]

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Lotos TIG200 Welder Reviews 2019

Robust and ​Reliable WelderBrand Name – Lotos Technology Performance Feature Design PriceWhy Should You Buy ItLotos Tig Welder 200A have a good reputation for reliability. It helps the user to achieve accurate welding. It’s so user-friendly that both professionals and beginners can use it easily. Its ability to switch from 110V to 220V and vice […]

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